4 Unconventional Hen-Do Ideas

Some may say that hen-dos are overrated and overplayed and overdone. However, we beg to differ. It’s all about thinking outside of the box and having an excuse to do something fun, wild and wacky with all of your best girlfriends! We know that you’ve got the headache of the wedding to organise but planning a hen-do doesn’t have to be hard-work just a little bit of imagination and some friendly delegation will send you all on a trip that you’ll never forget!

Feel the Music

There’s no better way to let your hair down and truly let go than at a music festival. If you’re wedding is in summer, you’re in luck as that’s perfect festival season. Plus, there are plenty of festivals to suit all tastes. Go for more of a friendly vibe at Bestival, try out a chilled-out rave in Croatia or stick to the epic Glastonbury where you can rinse out your dry shampoo bottles and kick-out the wellies in true festival-fashion.

Trash the Stag Destination

Why not turn the tables and pick a traditional stag-do destination to host your hen? Viva Las Vegas in a swanky hotel if you’ve got dollars to kill to head over to Amsterdam for a guaranteed awesome weekend break. There’s plenty to see in European cities if you’re not into the partying and booze, or there’s plenty of that as well!

Rent a Boat

Okay, so it might not quite be Beyonce on a private yacht in the Bahamas but staying on your very own boathouse for a weekend is a great way to personalise your hen. You can introduce a pirate theme, create a pamper party or set up a movie marathon. Let your imagination run wild and get all your girls together to really spend some quality bonding time before your big day.

Go Ape!

Get away for a hilarious and adventurous hen weekend when you Go Ape in many locations around the UK. It’s best to do this one when the weather is warmer as you’ll all be outdoors tackling assault courses, letting go of inhibitions and conquering your fears. Did we mention it’s tons of fun and a great way to laugh-off any tensions that you might have running up to the wedding?

Shake off any worries and stresses and get your girlfriends together to have an unforgettable hen. Trust us, you won’t regret it and it will make all the difference when you seem them dressed-up and there to support you on your special day.