Invitation Wording for Attorney and Clergy

I have two questions:

1) What is the proper wording for an invitation sent to an attorney and his wife? I have read conflicting information.

2) How should you address an invitatation sent to a female minister/pastor and her husband?

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

An attorney and his wife can be addressed in the same manner as any other couple. In the past the term Esquire had been used but most often, when doing business, and not for wording and addressing invitations. Peggy Post’s most recent book of etiquette states that lawyers may be entitled to use the term Esquire following their names, but since most Americans aren’t familiar with that word, it’s best not to use it.

When addressing a couple where the woman is a member of the clergy the wife’s name would come first using her title (Reverend or whatever her title) then her husbands name. So, it would look like this:

Reverend Susan Summers and Mr. John Summers

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