The Greatness of Gray in Weddings

When you’re pondering that all-important color palette for that big day, gray probably isn’t the first hue that leaps to mind. And yet, brides across the country are finding beautiful and unexpected ways to weave this exact color into their weddings.

Gray is a mid-tone neutral. That means it’s child’s play to combine it harmoniously with other colors. Gray completely lacks the funereal associations of black (a big plus!), and it’s less bold and dark than espresso or navy. Once you start to think about it, you can see why gray is increasingly flying above the radar.


Give Gray a Fresh Look

There are so many ways to use gray in your color scheme. But to start, you’ll need to forget that old Victorian notion that gray equals “boring” or “drab.” It’s a key color for pulling off a slew of not-even-slightly-bland wedding styles! True — on its own, gray might lack sizzle and pop. But knock it together with almost any other color, and it adds the perfect dash of cool-edged sophistication to a wedding design.

Power Gray: A Stunning Way to Play a Formal Setting

Modern brides love gray. One of the most elegant ways to use it: play it off a powerful color like scarlet. Start with a light gray and a deeper gray as your base color. Then layer in some bold red accents, and watch your wedding décor come to life! The effect is modern, elegant and breathakingly stylish, especially with a touch of contemporary pattern.

To exploit gray’s modern feel in your wedding, start by layering it in your fabrics, such as table linens, and the bridesmaid gowns. A dove gray or pewter makes a chic and minimalist choice for your attendants. Soften gray’s austerity by choosing a softer material like chiffon or organza, or add drama with a hint of shimmer.

If you want to add a splash of color near the bridesmaids’ faces, try bridesmaid jewelry in a color like red or lime green. Or, keep the palette restrained, and have each bridesmaid wear a clear crystal necklace: très chic for an evening wedding.

The Sunny Side of Gray

Think gray is only for minimalists, modernists and arty museums? Far from it! It can be a soft and romantic complement to “hot” hues like grass green and sunny yellow.

An easy way to combine gray with bolds and brights is with the help of a carefully-chosen print. Example: when designing your tablescapes, look for linens in a solid bright, like yellow. Then pull everything together with colorful napkins patterned with gray and a bold, like yellow or tangerine. Finish with china boasting a simple gray border. This is a great way to keep a “bright” from blinding your guests, and it’s perfect for a chic tent event.


Exclusively Weddings

Gray can be a magnificent player in all types of weddings — which is why it’s growing more popular every month. Once you stop to think about all the ways that gray can add elegance and edge to your own wedding, you’re bound to succumb to the greatness that’s gray.

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