More Valentine Wedding Ideas

Valentine’s Day always brings certain things to mind, like champagne and chocolate. And having your wedding during the “love” month of February means you can get as romantic as you want. Here are some favor ideas worthy of the gods and goddesses of love.

Chocolate — of Course

If you’re the crafty type, you can tart up this royal treat on your own. Buy Hershey bars, and create your own customized wrappers. Or if you’re even more ambitious: buy chocolate molds in romantic shapes from stores, and make tasty little morsels in a shape that suits your theme. Wrap the results in cellophane and tie with a ribbon.

If you’d rather buy than make, try sweet chocolate lollies, found in wedding-friendly shapes like bells, hearts, roses and liles. Or go for the glitter and buy truffles from Godiva, complete with gorgeous gold foil boxes and ribbons and flowers (about $4 apiece). If you want more novelty, you’re in luck. Try chocolate puzzle boxes, for example. Or how about personalized chocolate placecards for each and every guest?

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Champagne Favors

Small bottles of sparkling wine make elegant favors without blowing the budget (get case discounts from your local vendor). Ambitious brides can create their own labels. Black-belt shoppers sometimes hit on champagne flutes (the real thing!) on clearance at the big bricks-and-mortar shops, such as Ikea, for next to nothing. Can you handle one or two quarters a glass?

Armed with boxes of shiny flutes, the sky’s your limit. Fill them with candies and tie them off with tulle, tuck in a votive, have them engraved, glue on tiny seashells (or glitter), or show off your artistry with glass paint. If you like ceremonial favors (the kind guests use to see you off at the party’s end), “champagne bottle” bubbles are just about perfect.

Sensual Red Fruit

Nothing’s more dramatic than shiny fruit in an ornamental pouch. Try perfectly-ripe cherries in elegant glassine envelopes. Cupid would approve.

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutters

If you like, include a decadent cookie. Attach a recipe and a cute saying: “We Were Cut Out For Each Other.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.53.37 PM

Conversation Hearts

These old-fashioned hearts, reminiscent of second-grade passions but made large and elegant for weddings, are irresistible.

Rose Petal Soaps

If you’ve never seen rose petal soaps,you’re in for a treat. The good ones have a translucent quality that make you literally itch to touch them (they’re painstakingly made, with real rose petals serving as molds for the veined and fluted edges). Place several ‘petals’ in a sheer bag that doesn’t hide their fragrance or fragile beauty. A really ambitious bride (preferably with some soapmaking experience) could make these herself.

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