What does a ring bearer wear?

I have read all of the posts about children’s attire and I am still very unclear on what the children in my wedding should wear.

My 8 year old is escorting me down the aisle. My Fiance’s 7 year old is a groomsman. His 5 year old is the ringbearer.

My Fiance and two other groomsmen are wearing military Dress Blues, and the best man (non-military) is wearing a black tux with Navy blue.

What do we dress our three boys in?

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Lots of Boys,

Your escort and Jr. Groomsman would wear the same tux as the best man, while the ring bearer could wear the same or something less formal–a suit. Please read more about [url=” [url=”http://www.idotaketwo.com/wedding_attire_for_children.html””]http://www.idotaketw…r_children.html”[/url]]children’s wedding attire. [/url]

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