Save Money By Giving Flower Seeds As Wedding Favors

Using seed packets for wedding favors is a thoughtful idea … and cost effective, too!

You can gift your guests with seeds for annuals or perennials, trees or shrubs, or even houseplants. The options are practically limitless, while the results can last for years. If your theme focuses on flowers, like a daisy theme wedding, this makes choosing your flower seed packets pretty straightforward.

Still, a nice twist on the idea is to research different varieties of daisies you could hand out as favors, such as shastas, pink gerbers, orange gerbers and so on. For a wedding that doesn’t take flowers or plants as its actual theme, you could also package your seeds in themed containers instead. Here are a few examples:

Find Plantable Wedding Favors

Beach or Seaside Wedding

Choose flowers and shrub seeds that grow well even under harsh oceanside conditions. Some hardy suggestions: Bayberry (bush), Sweet Pea (vine), or Rosemary (herb). Use miniature treasure chests, large sea shells, or beach-themed favor bags or favor boxes to package your packets.


Western-Theme Wedding

Try coneflower (Mexican Hat), Desert Baileya (Desert Marigold) or Purple Sage bushes. Tuck your seed packets in miniature cowboy hats or boots, small colorful southwestern clay pots, or wrap them in gingham.

Valentine’s Day or ‘Love’ Theme

Although roses seem like the obvious choice, other options are just as romantic! Try forget-me-nots, orchids, Amaranth (Globe), Bell Flower or Sunflower. These are just a few blooms closely associated with romance, a history you can allude to on your favor tags for even more charm.

Find Plantable Wedding Favors


Color-Themed Weddings

Naturally, choose seeds that grow up into beautiful blooms to match your hue! For example, black-and-white theme brides could place seeds or bulbs for pure-white flowers in black velvet pouches. Purple and gold is another stunning color combo: try violets, purple irises or purple lilacs placed in gold-toned favor boxes.

When it comes to picking the perfect seeds or bulbs to give out as favors, your choices are endless. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and creativity. Hopefully, the above ideas offered a little inspiration for your own custom combination of living wedding favors!

Find Plantable Wedding Favors

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