What colour shirt should father of the bride wear?

Hi There:

Please help me. My husband is wearing a dark teal colour suit to our daughter’s wedding. I am wearing a lavender outfit.

What colour shirt should he wear and does teal and lavender match? I bought him a white tie with lavender and teal stripes and am thinking of buying a plain white shirt.

My daughter is wearing ivory and the bridegroom a stone coloured and choc brown waistcoat. The best man is wearing choc brown.

Will all these colours clash?

The wedding is in six weeks time. If this does not sound right I can always go hire a suit for the hubby although, he is not too keen, says he has enough expense. If he hires a chocolate brown or stone coloured suit he needs to change his shoes as well and it can become a costly exercise. But, alas, if it saves the day we will.

Thanks for your input.


Nancy Tucker

Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding! Although teal and lavender do not exactly “match”, you can make the best of it by adding a lavender color pocket square for your husband’s suit, in addition to having lavender stripes on his tie. White shirt sounds like a good idea. The pocket square has to match the color of your dress. This way, you will “tie” these colors together. Also, if there is a chance the lavender color would be incorporated into the boutonierres, that would also be very helpful in creating a pleasant combination of colors. Enjoy the wedding!


Thanks for your input. I now feel much more at ease.