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Engraving Initials on Groomsmen Gifts

I’m going to be giving the traditional engraved item as a groomsmen gift. Do I have to use their name/initals on the item or can I engrave something different? My idea was having the bride and groom’s initials, which is both R and have the Rolls Royce emblem engraved with the date of the this acceptable or should I use the grooms/groomsmen initials? 

Etiquette Now

Honestly these are not as appropriate any more, because it appears as if it is really a gift for you. The gift should be for them without anything that has to do with you or your name (s) on it. You could have their initials or names engraved on the items if you wish. This would be much more appropriate. At least you know they wouldn’t re-gift it.

Wedding Queen

Always think about receiving the gift yourself. Is this a gift you’d like to receive? Do you think it is something useful? Will you enjoy wearing it or will it sit in a box?  Personally, I’d prefer to receive something with my own initials on it or maybe with an inscription that says Love, Bride on it but not necessarily with the bride and grooms initials engraved on it. You can read more about personalized groomsmen gifts here