What to wear to a wedding in Germany in June

I am attending a wedding in Berlin in June. The groom is my college boyfriend’s friend and the bride is German. I have no clue what to wear- only the wedding party is wearing black tie, however my boyfriend is one of the groomsmen. Does this mean I should also be more dressy?

I normally wear a little black dress but I am worried that might be an irritant to her culture to wear black to a wedding? Also, I have no idea what Germans wear in general to weddings? I know in France they wear very summery dresses with huge hats!

Any ideas? Thanks!

Lori of ModelBride.com

Just because your boyfriend is in the bridal party, and wearing a tux, doesn’t mean that you have to dress more formal. I don’t think wearing black would offend anyone. It is such common color to wear, especially to weddings. My suggestion is to wear the little black dress that you have; it is a classic look and would be perfect. If you want to dress up your look, just add accessories. You could wear a beaded clutch, chandelier crystal earrings, even wearing decorative hair pins add a great touch.

Have fun,