Comfort Fit Wedding Rings vs. Regular Fit rings

I’m currently trying to decide on a 5mm wide ring to get for myself for my wedding–luckily we’ve alredy got my fiancee’s picked out–and I’m trying to decide if a comfort fit style is the way to go. I have thin, long fingers and am happy with the 5mm size. When I tried on rings, I seemed to like the thinnest rings–as the thicker rings were uncomfortable pushing into my other fingers. I’ve never worn rings before. I’ve been told that it’s better to go for the comfort fit style if the ring is wider than 4mm as the benefits (easier to take on and off, more comfortable to wear) of comfort fit are more noticeable on wider rings. However, comfort fit rings are almost always thicker than their regular (flat) fit counterparts.

My question is: Will there be a huge benefit to choose the comfort-fit ring over the regular (flat) fit ring in a 5mm wide ring?

BTW, thanks much to the administrators and many experts on this forum. It has been a big help to be able to find the answers to many of our questions regarding our preparations for our wedding with a simple search on this forum. Kudos to you!

Afshin from Apples of Gold Jewelry


Personally, I prefer comfort fit bands and always recommend them over a standard band, but in your case it may be different since you have narrower fingers and want a thinner ring.

My real suggestion is to find a local jeweler and try both on before deciding. These should be common enough bands that you can find them somewhere in your town. Try several jewelers if one doesn’t have one in stock, even if you are not intending on buying from them, that should give you a real idea.