Including Children in Your Unity Candle Ceremony

Include your children in the meaningful lighting of the Unity Candle. The eternal symbol of two flames becoming one not only means two hearts becoming one, but an entire family uniting as one force. Here are some ideas for you and your childrens’ Unity Candle Ceremony.

Have Your Kids Light the Tapers
During the processional, or right before the ceremony, have both of your children light the individual tapers – mom’s kids light mom’s candle, and the same for dad.

Have Your Kids Light the Unity Candle
If you have your parents light your individual tapers before the ceremony begins, or perhaps if you, the bride and groom, light them yourselves, also have your kids light an individual taper for themselves.

When it’s time to light the the Unity Candle, each member of your new family takes their own taper candle and contributes to the single flame. This is a beautiful, emotional way to bring your family together in a ceremonial bond.

Create Your Own Ceremony
After you, the bride and groom light your unity candle, you may want to read a poem or a special statement to your kids. Then all members of your new family can join their tapers together to the one Unity Candle. Older children could also participate in a reading about bringing your new family together. Talk with your officiant to create a ceremony that’s right for you and your children.

Make your children feel they’re already a part of a new family. Choose a Unity Candle specially printed with your names, your wedding date, and also your children’s names right on the candle.

Including all of your new family in the lighting of your unity candle makes it a unique, personal ceremony that everyone will remember for years to come.