what to wear to a 4pm wedding

I was invited to a 4pm wedding at a church and a reception at a country club. The invite didn’t say how formal or informal it was. Is it ok if I wear a nice pin striped pants with a top and heals. I don’t have a dress that fits me best so this is my only option right now.



What I recommend is to simply call and ask. It is better to know for sure than to guess and possibly be embarrased later.

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You can usually tell the formality of the event for the level of formality of the invitations, the time of day and the event location.

Lori of ModelBride.com


If I were you, I’d call someone to find out the formality of the wedding. If the occasion is too formal for a pants suit, my suggestion is to get a simple black dress. A black dress is a classic look. Depending on how formal the reception is would depend on how you accessorize.

To make the dress more formal you can add a lacey shawl, crystal chandelier drop earrings and bracelet. Even a beaded bag (doesn’t have to be black, you can have fun with it) would dress up your look in a stylish fashion.

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