Is mixing fresh wedding flowers with slk okay?

I am having a formal ceremony in a church on a Friday night. I want my bridesmaids and me to carry real flowers. I also want the groom and groomsmen to have real flowers for their boutonnieres. I want to decorate the candlesticks with flowers and also use some flowers as decorations in other places. I’m afraid this is going to be too expensive if I use real flowers for all of this. Would it be considered tacky to use silk flowers as the decorations if we are carrying real flowers? Some people I ask are saying yes and some are saying no. Please help! I don’t know who to believe.

Thank you!

Sue of Hobart’s Fine Florals

Do some research. Silk flowers are not always cheaper. I find that a lot of times brides will go off to the craft store and buy all kinds of things thinking they are saving a lot…Not necessarily true! Just because you can spend the money months before rather than the week of the wedding doesn’t mean it is less. Count out what you want and ask your florist for and ask for a price then decide. But please don’t let “fear” of spending more make your decisions.
The advantage of silk flowers is that you can take your time and do all the work way in advance of the wedding. I do not think they necessarily have to be tacky but that is about how well done they are and how nice a silk flower you buy.

Places like the church and pews, odds and ends can be just fine with silk. Done well no one will even notice. Nobody gets up that close to check them out there anyway. Especially if it is an evening event.
For centerpieces I would try to go with fresh, even if you have to tone back the level of abundance a bit. People notice the centerpieces a lot. I think a single big beautiful fresh flower would be a nicer statement than a huge bowl of silks in this area. But that is just my very prejudiced opinion.

And for prejudice, I am glad you are carrying fresh yourself. A wedding is a moment in time….and so are fresh flowers. ( but I am a bit passionate about those after all.

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FlowerSue has made some great points! Many brides are choosing to mix fresh with silks to cut down on costs, although some of the higher-quality silks may be comparable in price to a fresh stem. Finding a great deal on some silk stems is a great way to cut your budget while still having gorgeous floral arrangements. Also, the silk arrangements can be completed way before your wedding, which makes them a great choice for pew decorations.
Silk flowers, arranged tastefully, can help you add some floral beauty to your special day without any of your guests even knowing.