Best Family Games to Play at a Wedding

Your big day is finally set, you’ve got the dress and tux sorted, you’ve picked the dinner menu, you’ve booked the band or DJ. You’ve got the speeches written and vetted for any embarrassing stories but now you’re stuck on ideas for the reception. Well worry not, we’ve got some ideas for some games that you can play at the reception that we’re sure all the family will love. We know that planning a wedding can be highly stressful so why not take ten minutes out to yourself and try the all new Deal or No Deal High Low game. Now all you have to worry about is booking the honeymoon and flights.Giant Jenga

You know the game. A tower of 54 wooden blocks in rows of three, all you and your opponents need to do is slip out a piece at a time and use that piece to stack the tower even higher without the causing the tower to tumble down. Up until now you’ve only played the table top version where the blocks are barely wider than your finger. Well for the wedding you need to up the ante, and you can enjoy giant Jenga, only to be played outside of course. This version starts off over a metre high before the game even begins and can lead to family-fun filled carnage that we’re sure everybody will love. Just keep in mind any small children who may be guests.

Wedding Guest Bingo

This can involve a lot of organisation but the results are worth it. Ask every guest to provide an interesting fact about themselves with their RSVP. The responses are then collated onto bingo cards and given to each guest with some mini pencils. All your guests have to do is match each guest to their fact. Offer prizes for the first few guests to get a bingo to entice their competitive spirits. This game is a proven method of breaking the ice between guests who don’t previously know each other and serves as a great conversation starter.


Also best enjoyed on a sunny afternoon wedding reception and doesn’t require the players to be in peak physical fitness so even your doddery grandparents can join in. The game is simple, you have to swing the mallet between your legs and strike the balls to advance them around the lawn and through the hoops in sequence. There are variations of the game but family sets can be bought with have different coloured balls to be associated with the handles of their mallets, making the game easier and enjoyable for all ages.

The Newly Wed Game

Similar to Mr & Mrs, the bride and groom swap one shoe so they have one of each. One of the guests asks a question like “Who spends more time in the shower?” and the bride and groom hold up the shoe associated with the person. The couple sit back to back so they can’t confer and get points for every time their answers match.