What does “no boxed gifts please” mean?

At the bottom of the wedding reception invitation, it says “no boxed gifts please” – what does that mean? Are they asking for money only or just that you mail the gifts to the couple as opposed to bringing the gifts to the wedding reception? Please help – the wedding is in 2 days! Thanks!

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

The wedding invitation should never mention gifts at all but yours has so..

They are probably asking their guests not to bring gifts, other than envelopes, to the wedding because they won’t be able to transport them. Mentioning this on their invitation is considered a faux paus becusse it implies they are expecting you to bring a gift; this should never be the case.

Wedding gifts should be sent to the home of the bride before the wedding. It doesn’t sound to me as though you have time to do this before, but you can still send it and hope it arrives in a few days (obviously this depends on where you’re shipping to and from).

Otherwise, you could bring along a card and give it to the couple at the reception. This is considered proper in some parts of the US.