Gift for a Casual Reception

Hello! I am attending a wedding reception this weekend and am wondering what type of gift to give. The couple was actually already married in a destination ceremony last month. We were not invited to that (it was only family and very close friends), but we were invited to the reception that is this weekend. The invitations were online evites, and the reception will be very casual (shorts and flip flops) in a family member’s backyard. I did attend the bride’s bridal shower. She didn’t register for anything so I ended up getting her a $100 gift card. I am confused as to what type of gift (if any?) to bring to the reception this weekend. Is a card with money expected? Help please!

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

Actually, gifts are not expected from reception guests, only wedding guests. However, most people do send a little something. But you really should not have been invited to the shower – that’s only for wedding guests. So, your gift card is probably more than enough. Plus gifts are usually sent to the home of the bride before the wedding, for reason listed over and over in past posts. But if you really feel naked attending without “something” then bring a small gift such as a plant, bottle of champagne or picture frame.


I would feel sort of naked not bringing anything, like you said, so the things you mentioned would be perfect. Thanks for your help!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I agree. A hostess gift would be perfect, like a bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers from the nearby grocery store–nothing major.