Health lessons before and after the bridal day

Loosing weight and being in an extraordinary mood are important things to deal with when you prepare for an important event, such as the bridal day. Being a bride involves lots of stress and some women eat when they’re stressed and we’re sure that they do not want to get some extra pounds while they do this. It’s recommended to loose weight in a reasonable manner, through sports and diet, because if you do not pay attention to how you loose weight, then you might get some stretch marks. Also, it’s important not to lose more than 1 kilo per week.
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Reflect on some ideas that can help you to lose weight in a balanced manner, without starving and especially if you want to have a healthy lifestyle after the bridal day as well.

health lessons before and after the bridal dayCredit
Health lessons before and after the bridal day

So, think of how much you are on the move, do sports minimum 30minutes a day and you’ll see that your muscular mass will get developed and the burning fat will intervene. The more muscular mass you have, the more intense the fats will burn and this means eating much more, which means not being on a diet all the time.

Another issue that you have to keep in mind is the manner in which you prepare the aliments. If you do it in an inappropriate manner, this means changing the quality of the alimentary principles (good fats will transform into bad ones, like the case of the meat cooked in oil). The manner to prepare healthy foods is raw, under steam, in the oven, boiled or on the grill.

What do you usually eat? A balanced alimentation from the point of view of the nutrition has proteins, such as nuts, seeds, eggs, meat and vegetables or fats and even sweets. Instead of applying for a meal based on corn or potatoes, opt for brown rice or cereals.

How much you eat is important as well. The quantity depends on age, sex or weight and the physical activity you have. Pay extreme attention to fats and sweets, because they can be encountered in some foods that might make you fatter.

So, pay attention to these details if you want to look and be healthy in the bridal day and after as well!