Dressing the Part for Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day has been planned for quite a while, and in all of your effort, choosing your wedding photographer was one of the most significant. This person was chosen for their portfolio, and how they will be able to capture the special moments of your day without you micro-managing them each step of the way. In order to complete their task, the photographer needs to work in concert with you, rehearsing at some points to get just the right look you are paying them for. In order to accomplish this, your wedding photographer will need to be part of your planning stages going forward, in order to not only know what to expect, but to get to know your personality as well, in order to take the best wedding portraits possible.

Pre-Shoot Consultation

Long before your wedding day, schedule an appointment with your chosen photographer and go over the day with them. They will need to know everything from the guests you have invited (in order to shoot more of your family than say an acquaintance you invited out of courtesy). The photographer will also need to hear from you what types of pictures you prefer so they can capture your moments the way you want to remember.

You will also have an opportunity to hear what your wedding photographer needs from you, including access to changing rooms to capture pre-ceremony preparations, an invitation to the reception, and the ability to move about the ceremony in order to capture the best possible shots. You will also have an opportunity to discuss fees, and any extras they might be offering in their services.

Choosing Your Wardrobe

When working with a wedding photographer in Brisbane, you will want to take careful consideration of your wardrobe for the day. Sure, you have your white dress and tuxedo’s taken care of for the ceremony, but how about the clothes you will start your day in while you dress for the ceremony? Though you might wear your formal clothes during the reception, chances are you will be changing at some point into something a bit more comfortable. Choose outfits that you will look good in, and enhance your features.

You want to have comfortable clothes because an uncomfortable subject looks uncomfortable on film. If you’re wearing clothes that you enjoy and wish to have your memories captured in, then plan ahead and have them laid out. Choose colors that the photographer can use to play off your setting, such as rooms and flower arrangements. If getting married by the sea shore, wear loose clothes that will flutter in the breeze, making for much nicer pictures.

Have Fun

Believe it or not, there are plenty of wedding shoots where the bride and groom have a pall of aggression, or anger, or even sadness. Many people unaccustomed to having their portraits taken seem to try hard, and no matter how good a photographer is, they still look like old stiffs posing for a mug shot. When the time comes, choose the right photographer for you like the professionals at MMG Photo and Cinema. They’ll help you find that the secret to marvelous wedding photographs is not so much the skill of the photographer, but your comfort and natural behavior in front of the camera. The photographer knows their business for sure, but equal weight lies on the subject. When posing, think of your day and all of the amazing times you have to look forward to. Focus on the person you will spend the rest of your life with and let the camera pick it up.