How Many Days Could You Live Off Your Wedding Cake?

to nibble.

The only way most couples would really get to enjoy that three-tiered temptress would be to find themselves whisked away to a desert island with no distractions but the cake, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, and each other.

I wondered how long two people could live on an island with one of today’s luciously caloric wedding cakes (and a bottle of champagne) without having to resort to kelp snacks and bizarre hatchetfish breakfasts. Plug in some vital stats involving you and your cake, and find out.

Bride’s Height:
Groom’s Height:


Bride’s Weight:
Groom’s Weight:
Bride’s Age:
Groom’s Age:
Wedding Cake Type:
Total Slices in Cake:


This calculator uses the Mifflin equation to calculate the bride and groom’s caloric needs.

Caloric values for popular wedding cakes was generated from data found at and
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