Cartier vs Bvlgari vs Damiani

Hi all, I already bought my diamond now I’m looking for my wedding bands. I have seen so many but no one seems to be what a looking for, considering that we will wear this ring all our life. I saw a Bulgari rings the Bzero1, it looks nice and is getting very popular as a wedding band, unfortunately they are just a few sizes and there are very hard to find them. Then I saw Cartier the love collection (no diamond just screws) the Double C motif ring (no diamond just the Cartier logo) and the Tank collection the problem with these 3is that they don’t look like the typical wedding band and some else can wear it anytime not just for a wedding ring. Then I saw Damiani “the love from love collection” (NO the D side collection. Brad´s Pit collection). There are nice but a little expensive.
These are my options and the ones I can afford and the ones I can get here in my city in Mexico.Do you think I can use these options as a wedding band?
Which one do you think should I buy? Just to compare prices with US, How much do I have to pay for each ring?

Thanks for your help

Afshin from Apples of Gold Jewelry
Professional Jeweler

This is really a personal question that has to do more with your taste, style, and budget, but I believe I can point you in the right direction. All I can do is give you my personal opinion. So please understand that this is not an endorsement of any particular company, but simply my opinion.

To begin, you asked about Bvlgari. Personally, I like Bvlgari designs and the one you picked, BZero1, is particularly interesting. Blvgari also has a reputation for high quality customer service. But as you mentioned, the sizes you need have been difficult to find, so this may not be an option for you.

Next, let’s move on to Cartier. This is my personal opinion, but I am not that impressed with Cartier in general. The style on their love collection, in my personal opinion, is many years old now and they have not come up with anything original as of late. The idea of having “screws” in my wedding band is not appealing to me. But a lot of people still like Cartier, so I can only offer my personal judgement here.

Your last selection is perhaps the most interesting and is a clear winner in my opinion: the Damiani designed by Brad Pitt Collection. As a jeweler, I find this design very refreshing and original. The diamonds on this piece are on the side of the band instead of gloating on the front, and so it is a subtle, but still very high-end ring.

Your concern here is price. My opinion on price is that with such an important piece of jewelry, you need to think of it in the long term. This is a piece of jewelry that you will potentially wear forever. But if budget is still a concern, there are many jewelers who sell similar rings that are generic versions or similar styles for usually 50-60% less than the name-brand cost. You may want to seriously consider some non-name brand rings if you want a more affordable ring. A lot of name brand jewelers charge 3-4 times more for their rings, not because of any real added value, but simply because of the “name”, and the millions of dollars of marketing that they put into that name. Someone has to pay for that marketing expenditure — and guess who that is? That gets passed right onto the consumer.

Alternatively, with a generic or non-name brand ring, you can often find the same exact quality and a design that is as appealing for 50-75% less.

I hope this helps in your decision! Enjoy the process!


Thanks a lot I really appreciate you opinion