Printing error on wedding invitation

[blush] oops! I made a little mistake that could turn out to be very costly. I am planning a wedding on a very tight budget and when ordering my invitations, I accidently put the wrong initial in my future father in-law’s name. Now the printing company says we can’t ship them back to be reprinted, but will have to re-order them for the same price-no refund since it was my mistake. I really don’t want to have to pay for them again. Would it be ok if we can somehow white-out or correct the one letter mistake carefully by hand on each invite? It would be hard, but would save alot of money if it is not too noticeable that it was corrected. What do you think?


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Strictly by etiquette standards, you need to reprint them. My gut instinct says that people will notice, both the handwritten correction and the mistake if it went the way it is. I realize it’s painful, but the truth is that you really need to have them reprinted. It’s a good lesson for anyone who hasn’t ordered invitations yet – pay for the proof and don’t approve them until you are 100% sure you are correct.

Is it a company that is sold through dealers? If so, you might be able to locate a different dealer who will pass on a percentage of their commission and give you some percentage as a discount (since you’ve pre-selected them and have the order information straight alredy). Depending on the kind of invitation, you should only have to reprint the invitation page, instead of incurring the cost of reprinting every piece of the ensemble.

I’m sorry you are experiencing this – it’s a tough situation to be in, I know. Good luck.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Babskittie,

As long as your wedding isn’t formal, you should be alright. You could also create your own. Another option is to apologize to your future father in law and just use these. Maybe it isn’t an issue for him. It could be one of those things we all laugh about after the stress of the wedding.

Best wishes,