Ideas For Giving Away Gift Baskets at Bridal Shower

Hello experts,

The bridesmaids and I have decided each make a gift basket to give away to the guests at the bride’s bridal shower in August. I have heard of showers where baskets are given away as gifts for the winners of the games; given while the bride opens gifts when someone wins BINGO or a timer goes off; or given to the “highest bidder” as a result of a raffle.

The bridesmaids and I are not exactly sure how to go about this. In our area, it used to be that small and inexpensive gifts were given out to the guests that win the games (generally to the top two or three winners). The basket idea is a newer trend (at least to us), and I have never been to a shower where a few baskets were given rather than small inexpensive gifts.

Do you have any fun ideas as to how we should give these baskets away?

Joyce C Smith, MBC, President and owner of Weddings Unlimited, Inc

Why not have a silent auction going on during the shower. The amount collected from the winning bids can be donated to the bride’s charity of choice.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

Just for the record, these giveaways or prizes are optional. So are the gaes.

But, if you want ideas for giving the prizes here are some ideas for games:

The clothespin game. Think of and make a list of words or phrases that have to do with weddings such as honeymoon, aisle, shower, chapel, tuxedo (get the idea?). The more obscure the words the better. Then, as the guests arrive, hand each a clothespin. During the shower, if a keyword is mentioned, that guest must give their clothespin to the guest who hears them say the word. The winner is the guest having the most clothes pins a t the end of the shower, or whatever time frame you determine.

At my daughter-in-law’s shower, the bridesmaids came up with a fun game that made the gift opening a little more fun. They gave out cards with questions about the bride or groom, depending on the guests’ relationship with the couple, and as each gift was presented to the bride to open, the gift giver read her question and gave her answer. (and we didn’t insist everyone answer if they were too shy, though really, the shower should be just a small group of close friends and family). My question asked me to tell the first childhood story that came to mind when thinking about the groom’s “formative” years. As any good mother does, I had several off the top of my head and we all got a good laugh and learned a little more about the bride, groom or them as a couple. The questions seems to have been store bought, and I don’t know where the game was bought, but I’m sure you can make your own list of questions which would be a free bridal shower game idea then.

Here’s a place where you can download some shower games like bridal shower bingo.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Great shower game ideas. And, please note that there should be no money involved. Guests shouldn’t bid on anything, even if money is to be sent to charity. Guests are expected to spend enough already on someone else’s wedding these days. This is one of the biggest reasons why the gift-less shower is the most respectful of guests.