Cream colored wedding dress for mother of the bride?

My Daughter’s dress is white. It is real silk so it is not stark white but it is white,not off white or cream. The outfit I want is a creamish color(slight hint of peachish but cream). It is a floor length skirt with a shawl type jacket. The jacket thing has taupe piping. The top is a copperish color camisole.Can or should I wear a cream (and taupe and copper) outfit to my daughter’s wedding?


Lori of

Dear Jean,

The color combination of your outfit sounds fine. You can definitely wear cream to the wedding. The only time you (being the MOB and all) want to stay away from cream is if the bride is wearing it, or a color very close to it. Other than that, unless your daughter doesn’t want you to wear cream, your dress sounds perfect. I love the copper and taupe accents breaking up the outfit, it sounds really pretty.

Have fun at the wedding!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I agree. But, one thing (etiquette wise) you would want to do is to coordinate your colors, formality, and length with the bridesmaid’s dresses. You don’t want to ‘match’, but should blend.

Best wishes,