Mid-June 4pm Wedding Attire

I am attending the wedding of my boyfriend’s college buddy in a couple weeks. My boyfriend is in the wedding party. The wedding is not in a church, and the ceremony will be at 4pm followed by the reception at the same location as the wedding. The invitation does not specify what type of attire is appropriate. All I can tell from the invitation is that it will not be a formal event (the invite is very simple, and I can tell it was made by the couple themselves). My boyfriend is clueless as to how formal, or un-formal, the event will be. I was hoping I could wear a red and white floral dress (picture attached, front and back views), with red heels that match perfectly. Is the dress appropriate? Are red hells too much, should i just go with a simple black or white strappy sandal? Should I also have a jacket or coverall for during the ceremony? I also have a simple black dress I could wear, I just thought it would be too gloomy for an afternoon summer wedding. And I also have a fuschia silk knee-length skirt that I could wear with a sparkly black/gray tank. I am hoping not to have to go shopping for an outfit. I am 26 years old.

Thank you!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Wedding Attire, Your dress looks a bit like a light summer dress. You would only wear this if the wedding is very informal. I’m thinking because of the time of the event, that it would be dressy casual to cocktail attire. More than likely your black dress would be your best choice only because it stands in for just about anything. Your skirt could work too if your tank doesn’t look too casual. Best wishes,

Lori of ModelBride.com

I have to agree with Rebecca on this one. Although your red dress is really cute, and I love the idea of matching red pumps, it might be a little too casual. If you know what some of the other guests are wearing, and the attire is similar to the picture of the dress attached…then wear it. If not, then the black dress that you own would be best. It is a safe and classy look, so you won’t have to worry about feeling under or over dressed.

It sounds to me that you like to accessorize and be trendy (the red pumps and all), so I would wear the black dress and add some style to it. Wear a pair of great stiletto drop earrings, a funky bracelet with a colored shawl, and don’t neglect those feet of yours. A cool pair of metallic strappy heels would look great! Your shoes can be black, charcoal, even a color that compliments your other accessories. You are 26 years old, so have fun with your dress. You can still be elegant and trendy at the same time.

Have fun at the wedding!