Marriage license needed for a vow renewal?

I have misplaced my marriage license and I want to know if that document is nedded for a vow renewal. We were married in NY state and plan to renew our vows here as well.

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A vow renewal is a spiritual ceremony, not legal, so no documents are needed. However, you should go to city hall to get a copy of your marriage license just to have. Recently I had to renew my drivers license and needed that document for proof of a name change. However, you do not need a marriage license for a vow renewal ceremony.

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Thanks so much! I will end up getting another marriage license. I am a military wife, and I was thinking of maybe having a Chaplin be the one to renew our vows. Do you think that is appropriate? I think that If I wanted to have it in my church, my husband and I would probaly have to go through those classes, and we just dont have the time. He is leaving in February for Afghanistan, and we are trying to get the done as quick as possible. Another thing is, IF I did have the chaplin do it, He would have to drive over an hour to get to where we are having the ceremony. My Parents and I have disscussed it, and we would offer to pay him for gas,the ceremony, and if he wanted to stay for the reception afterwards, a hotel room. Do you think that is too much?

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

Actually, you don’t even need to have any clergy member perform the service. It’s nice if you can (and I don’t believe there are any classes like what they have when you marry), but this is not a sacramnet nor a legality so do what you see fit.

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Thanks so much, you have been a great help![;)]