Someone once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and she’s made it an art form. In white space, hardwood floors, and spaces garnished with things found and given, the minimalist bride feels most at home and breathes most deeply. With her keen eye for craftsmanship, craft ales, and statement fashion, she he never thinks twice about choosing quality over quantity. Function is beauty and everything has a purpose. Clearly, hers will not be a wedding of pearls, rhinestones, and a six-layer gilded cake.

Sound like someone you know? Stay true to your tastes and prioritize high-quality, locally-sourced food and drinks, earthy tones and touches, clean white and rich wood. For unique bouquet ideas, choose one or two simple, statement flowers (lavender, white peonies, or callas are all simple, modern choices) and accent with local varieties of ferns, grasses, and twigs. For meaningful favors, ask around at your farmer’s market for tiny versions of your favorite products, such as miniature jars of raw honey, lip balms, or tiny bars of soap with your initials embossed on top. The key to creating a day that reflects who you are lies simply in remembering your everyday beauty, style, and priorities.

Dress shown: Ann Taylor Olivia Open Back Gown, $300

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