7 Things To Do the Week Before Your Wedding

1.    Be Beautiful

You need to look your best on the day. Not only will all of your friends and family be attending the most important day of your life, but the photographers will also be there as well. You need to plan your beauty routine well in advance. Book an appointment for day spa treatments at least 5-days before the wedding.

This strategy will give your skin time to settle from any treatments and avoid redness or pimples that will ruin your wedding photos. Make the most of it and invite your bridesmaids along for the experience, everyone will enjoy the last-minute pampering.

2.    Contact your Dress-Maker

Get in touch with your dressmaker and arrange a final fitting at least 3-days out from the wedding. Arrange it for the same time as your wedding ceremony. Our body changes during the day, and we are our leanest in the morning. The stress from the wedding may cause you to retain a bit of water. Therefore, its best to arrange the fitting for the late afternoon.

Practice walking in your wedding shoes during the fitting. This strategy will help your toes break in the shoes and prevent blisters and sore feet on the day. Walking in your new shoes will help you understand their contour and profile, preventing you from losing your balance as you walk down the aisle.

3.    Call Your Guests that Haven’t sent an RSVP

It’s common for people to forget to RSVP. Give anyone who hasn’t posted a reply a personal call and ask them if they plan on attending. Your caterer will need a final head-count.

4.    Communicate with Your Wedding Planner

Most good wedding planners will keep in touch with you during the final week before the wedding. However, if you chose not to use a planner, make sure that you get in touch with all your wedding day services. Call the venue and speak to the manager, give the entertainment company a ring, and make sure everything’s on schedule for your wedding reception.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly on the big day, place all of your cash payments and tips in marked envelopes and seal them. The last thing you want to do is count cash on your wedding day after a few glasses of champagne.

5.    Plan Your Reception Seating

Share your seating plan with your caterer and inform them of any special needs of your guests. Give a copy to the venue manager and ask them to make a poster of the arrangement that they can pin up on the doors leading into the venue.

6.    Sort Out the Details for Your Honeymoon

It’s too late to shop for necessities after the wedding day, so make sure you plan for the honeymoon well in advance. Grab sunscreen, a new bikini, and any cosmetics you need. Plan an itinerary and make sure you have color copies of your passports, and identity documents. Email a close friend or family member your itinerary so that someone knows where you are at all times.

7.    Speeches and Vows

If you decide to write your vows, make sure that you’ve handled it at least a week in advance of the wedding. You may find that you want to add a few extra touches or changes in the days leading up to the wedding.

The Final Word – Don’t Forget the Thank You Cards

Your wedding day is a magical event that you share with the people closest to you. Make sure you end the affair with a personal touch and give your guests a personalized thank you card. Sending an email is tacky.