How to organize weddings

It’s time to gather your troupes and organize a wedding. Find out what are the roles and responsibilities of the main people of the wedding. No matter on how little time it’s left for the help placed at your disposal every gesture can count.

how to organize weddings

But you have to know clearly and obviously who and what has what to do. In a contrary case, you can wake up with observing that the same thing has been done twice or worst, it wasn’t done by anyone. So, let’s jump to analyzing things, shall we?

The bride and the groom….

The duty of the bride and groom is first of all to get married, but of course there are some other things that need to be done before this. The most indicated thing is that the decisions are taken in common. Establish the budget, pick the date and the locations of the wedding; meet with the indicated people for establishing the details; choose the invitations, the flowers and the photographer; write your wedding vows if it’s necessary.

Besides the common responsibilities, the bride and the groom have separate responsibilities. Each one makes sure that the family is going to make a list of the guests. The bride chooses the bridesmaids and the honored guests.
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The bride offers different attributions to the bridesmaids and the close family members. Organize a table to which the bridesmaids are participating and she buys them small details and attentions. Also, the duty of the bride is to offer the groom a gift that is appropriate for the occasion.

The groom chooses his best men and their clothing. Similar to the bride, the groom has the duty of buying gifts for the best men and of course for the bride. He pays the tax for the marriage and the tax of the officer that does the ceremony. Generally, the groom pays the honeymoon and the hotel for the relatives that come outside the town.

The bride’s parents….

In the past, the bride’s parents had the privilege of paying all the expenses for the entire wedding. Today, the expenses are divided between the bride’s parents, the groom’s parents and the couple.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents are the ones that have the engagement party at their place. Also, they help the bride to make the guest list and last of all, they offer her a moral support. The bride’s father has the responsibility of leading her to the altar and to leave the last the party the last.

The parents of the groom….

The parents of the groom are the ones that contribute to the wedding expenses. They have to help making the list and be those that hold the dinner before the wedding.

The bridesmaid….

Between all the guests, the bride is based more and more on the main bridesmaid. Traditionally, the bridesmaid is the bride’s sister or her best friend.

Before the wedding, the bridesmaid has the duty of organizing the bachelorette party. Also, she has the duty of helping the bride find her wedding gown and to send the guests and generally all that the bride asks her to do.

In the day of the wedding, the bridesmaid helps the bride get dressed and she accompanies her to the ceremony. She can sign as witness the wedding in front of the law and hold her bridal bouquet at the church. At the party, she dances with the best man and she takes care of all the guests.

The bride can have several bridesmaids, maximum 12, between who she can spread attributions. The bridesmaids can be single or married. Also, the age doesn’t constitute a problem as long as she’s for doing her attributions she’s very well welcomed.