Picking the Perfect Wedding Date

Picking the perfect wedding date
Picking the perfect wedding date

What does it mean to have “the perfect wedding date?”  To each couple this will likely mean something very different.  Some couples opt for days that have a special significance to them, while others choose the date based on a specific month or season.  No matter the reason for the date you choose, it’s important to keep many aspects in mind before signing contracts.

Special Significance

Is there a specific event or occasion that occurred, or does occur, on your wedding date?  Or does it just hold significance to you as a couple?  Many a times couples would like to get married around the day they met, or the anniversary of their first date.  This way it will make the past memory even more significant.  It is important to realize that your “special date” may not be available, or may not fall on the particular day of the week you hope to host your wedding. Be prepared to make compromises.  Sometimes you will have to settle for a wedding date that is close to your “special date.”  If you are lucky enough to have your wedding on a significant date to you and your fiancé, then it will the celebration even more special.

The Four Seasons

Some couples know a particular season in which they would like to get married, but not necessarily a particular month or date.  Each season does come with its own advantages and disadvantages in regards to hosting your special day.  For example, if you want rich colors to be a part of your wedding, then you are an autumn bride.  However, daylight begins to decrease in these months, so if you want outside photographs be sure to schedule accordingly for these pictures.  Of course, this will also impact you if you want an outdoor ceremony or receptions.  If you are interested in a fall wedding, then try November.  Fewer couples choose to get married then, which could mean more openings at your desired venue.  Of course, avoid Thanksgiving for increased rates!

So you’re interested in an elegant white winter wedding?  During winter you of course will have to be conscious of the limited daylight hours.  Prices may be cheaper in months like

December, January, and February since fewer couples tend to get married during these times.  Do keep in mind that there are exceptions to these price breaks, Christmas and New Years are often more expensive in terms of locations and vendors. Out of town guests will also likely have increased travel costs.  In addition, some of your out of town guests may have their own vacations that they have already planned during the holidays.  February can also be more expensive for flowers, especially roses, since vendors see an increase around Valentine’s Day.

If you have always wanted a fresh feel to your wedding, full of pastels, then a spring wedding will fit the bill.  Do remember that if you want an outdoor ceremony/reception, Chicago’s weather can be unpredictable to say the least, which could mean snow for your March wedding!  The benefit of having a spring wedding, especially April or May, is that many flowers are in season, which could help in the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Who could forget about summer?  It is the most popular time to get married!  Since the summer months are in high demand, especially June, August, and September, the prices for vendors can be higher.  However, the benefits of beautiful weather, long days with lots of sunlight, and endless amount of available flowers may just make the extra costs worth it.  Do remember that not everyone likes the sticky heat and summertime bugs if an outdoor wedding is what your heart desires.

Make the day about you, but keep your guests in mind

The wedding day should be all about you as a bridal couple.  The date you choose will likely affect your dress style, your flowers, the lighting, and possibly even your venue.  While it is your wedding day, it is important to talk it over with immediate family, as well as close friends (such as those whom you wish to have in your bridal party), to ensure they can attend.  It is your day, but you want to be positive the people you want there to celebrate with you are present.

Selecting the date for your special day can be more complicated than you originally thought, but as with all aspects of wedding planning, if you think it through you are sure to find the perfect fit.  This is your fairytale…dream as large as you want.