5 Crazy Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Memorable

A wedding is one of the most crucial and sacred rites of passage in human life. As such, every bride and groom would do all they can just to make their wedding day a unique and unforgettable one – even if it means paying an arm and a leg to hire one of the most celebrated caterers or wedding music Sydney companies to grace their big day.

In fact, there are loads of unique wedding ideas that you can adopt to make your wedding stand out from others. Here, we present you five insanely creative wedding ideas to make your special day memorable:

  1. Releasing of butterflies

We are used to seeing balloons and doves being released at weddings. Therefore, you can consider releasing something unique that will leave your guests mesmerized. Butterflies are an excellent choice because you can release them in a large number, and their combination of contrasting colors will definitely create a picture-perfect scene.

There are several instances in which you can release butterflies during your wedding ceremony, including:

  • During the exchanging of vows.
  • When you’re announced as husband and wife.
  • At the end of the ceremony.

In any case, the release of the butterflies marks the start of a new phase in your life.

  1. A Live Graffiti Show

If you are looking for something truly out of the box, this is it. Having a live graffiti show at your wedding ceremony can have two great outcomes, namely:

  • Your guests can follow an ongoing process, looking over the artist’s shoulder as he takes a painting from the beginning to the end.
  • You will get to take a unique artwork home with you, which you can hang up on the wall to always remember the great day.
  1. Romantic Surprise

There are innumerable ways in which you surprise your partner during your wedding day. For instance, you can consider playing some musical instrument for them when the live band performs one of their favorite songs. Likewise, you can decide to surprise your partner with a choreographed dance out of nowhere.

Just surprise them with something you’re sure they will so much love and will forever remain embedded in their memories.

  1. Let Your Guests Be Florists

This idea is especially perfect if the bride is not being given away by anyone. This is how it goes: on your way up the aisle, just ask the guests at the end of every row to each give you a flower and make your bouquet as you go. Isn’t that something that will remain in the guest’s memories for a better part of their lives?

  1. Star Wars Wedding Theme

Imagine a wedding ceremony where the bride is clad in Princess Leah’s white gown, and the groom is dressed up in Han Solo’s attire. You can have your in-laws wear a Chewbacca costume whereas the officiating authority would be Admiral Ackbar. This is definitely a wedding out of this world, and no one will forget about it any soon.


A wedding ceremony is one of the best and most important moments of a person’s life. This is primarily because it happens once in a lifetime. In light of this fact, many couples desire to have a unique wedding that will remain embedded in their memories for ages. Moreover, no one wants to attend a boring wedding. Therefore, you can adopt at least one of these five great wedding ideas, and make your special day a truly memorable one.