Indoor vs. Outdoor: Choosing the Wedding Right Venue

The question has been popped, and now the real fun begins. One of the first and most crucial steps in planning the perfect wedding is finding the perfect venue. While there are certainly many options available, the first thing to be decided is whether you want a comfortable reception inside a controlled environment or an exciting event in the natural scenery.

The age old question of indoor vs. outdoor weddings has challenged brides-to-be since the beginning of wedding planning. Both options have some obvious pros and cons, but it can be easy to overlook some of the more subtle aspects of each. Since you are probably new to this whole wedding thing, this guide is designed to help you decide which type of venue is right for you.

The Great Outdoors

People have been getting married outdoors for as long as marriage has existed. Whether it’s on a sun-drenched beach or in a meadow beneath the stars, there is no indoor venue that can replicate the majesty of nature.

An outdoor wedding allows for much more freedom than its indoor counterpart. There are no restrictions on the number of guests, and being outside creates an instinctive feeling of tranquility and natural serenity. It also conveys a much more casual feel which can allow guests to feel more comfortable.

Outdoor ceremonies are also generally less expensive, as there is very little decor or other costs required of a natural area. Even if money is not a huge concern, the “less is more” concept is often the best way to go for a simplistic beauty.

The Not So Great Outdoors

Of course, all that nature does have its downsides. The most obvious concern will always be weather. Even if you schedule the ceremony for a time of year that is typically warm and sunny, there is never any way to be certain.

A large tent will almost always be required, even if there is no inclement weather. It can provide shade on a hot, sunny day or at least give a bit of shelter from the natural elements. Tents also make great reception areas and can come with a dance floor.

Another drawback of a wedding outside is the lack of restrooms. Even if there is a building close by, it still presents an inconvenience. Mosquitos and other unwelcome guests can also cause issues in some areas.

The Comfort of Architecture

An indoor wedding has many obvious benefits in terms of comfort. Air conditioning, shelter from the elements, nearby facilities and other advantages will often make for a much more comfortable event.

A traditional wedding also allows you a great deal of control over the decor, lighting, environment and overall ambiance of your ceremony. The right indoor venue can often be manipulated into exactly the type of scene you have always envisioned for a dream wedding.

Finding relevant information about possible venues is much simpler than you may think. For instance, if your wedding is in north New Jersey, simply Google “north nj wedding venue,” and you will find the best venues as well as capacity, catering and other information on them.

For indecisive individuals, the combination wedding is always a great option. You can have the main ceremony in the comfort of a nice building and the reception underneath the stars, or vice-versa. Whether inside, outside or both, the possibilities for creating your perfect wedding are endless.