3 Things Commonly Forgotten on Your Wedding Checklist

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There are so many things to track, remember to do and organize for a wedding. From attire, to vendors, to favors, who can remember it all?!? With the help of a wedding planner and friends who’ve been through it, you can get through it, but here are 3 things we think are commonly forgotten, but want to make sure you remember for your big day! Make sure you add them to your wedding checklist.

1) Preservation

Your bouquet came out so gorgeous! Oh, and that dress was to die for! You want to hold on to them forever….but we all know flowers die, and clothes get damaged when stored for too long. Don’t fret! There are professionals who preserve both! Add this to your wedding checklist and remember to budget for these when first putting together your plans, and you’ll be able to gaze at those two beauties for a long time, well after your wedding.

2) Guard your shoes

We all know the drill. First we go to the ceremony in sparking clean shoes. Then comes that outdoor photo shoot…and now you have to wear those same shoes to the reception.  Bright white heels + moist grass = an unsightly mess. What’s a bride to do? If you added this to your wedding checklist early on, you would have a solution.

Don’t panic. You can avoid the green accents on your shoes by using  a handy little invention called a heel protector. Companies like SoleMates create these especially for wearing shoes outdoors. Be sure to get yours before the wedding!


3) Emergency Kit

If you’re planning for a perfect wedding, stop! Things happen. Nail polish gets chipped. Flower girls run around and rip their dresses at the seams (I’ve seen this more than once!).  A few last minute details need to be taped or stapled. Make sure your wedding planner has a wedding emergency kit to avoid these last minute disasters! Sometimes all it takes is a few safety pins, nail polish and tape to save the day! Print your own Wedding Day Emergency Kit (Word Document) 

ultimate bridal emergency kit

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