Useful questions and issues for wedding planning

At the wedding reception there will be all your dearest persons who will surround you and will attend with great pleasure, starting with your friends and ending with the family and maybe some friends from high school. The wedding reception is the place and moment in which everybody gathers in order to celebrate the great event. For this matter, the wedding reception has to occupy most of the place when it comes to wedding planning. Do you want everything to end up as you’ve wished? Do you want to have the least stress? Then you have to plan the details in a very intelligent and practical manner!
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So, how do you start with the wedding planning details? First of all, you have to establish the wedding budget, and then you need to decide together the entire theme of the wedding and mixing the details and elements in such a manner as for them to cope greatly together. After establishing the line and wedding theme it’s time to pass to the action part. We have an idea of what kind of wedding do we need. What do we need to take into account immediately after?

useful questions and issues for wedding planningCredit
Useful questions and issues for wedding planning

Here, you’ve got a list with the main questions that you have to put in due time in order to save money and nerves when you organize a party!

So, is the salon appropriate as number of seats for the guests attending the ceremony?

Also, do you consider that the wedding reception salon is appropriate for the theme chosen?

Are there multiple reception salons in the same location? What happens with the music in this situation? We sincerely don’t think that you would want your guests to go from a wedding to another for a dance or the songs to interfere between them, in such a manner as not to understand anything of what happens around them.

Is there enough space for dancing? Is there enough free space between the tables and in such a manner as for the guests to stand and feel comfortable?

If the wedding reception salon has multiple salons, do they have enough staff for serving the people? Do you need to wait for the others to be served and after to come to you?

What dominant color do you want to choose for the wedding reception? One that you both like or one that is appropriate to the space of the wedding reception salon?

Also, who arranges all the details surrounding the wedding reception adornments? Do you have enough free time for doing this yourself? Does the staff of the restaurant get involved for this part of the wedding reception? Or is it a specialized firm? Do the owners of the restaurant impose you with whom to work or they leave you freedom of picking?

Would you rather apply for a band? Well, very good. Don’t forget about making clear where the band is going to stand, where they’re going to take their brake and will be eaten. Think of how you can arrange the tables in such a manner as the guests not to feel disturbed of the noise. Don’t forget that the young ones can be put next to the speakers and the elderly ones in a place that is farther in comparison with the speakers.

Do the members of the orchestra take a break? You need to have a PC and some CDs to play meanwhile you’re eating and you don’t want to hear the noise created by the tableware.

How lighted is the wedding reception salon? Well, go and visit the spot in which you decide to take this event in order to analyze the light of the room. The decisions taken in due time are totally going to be in your advantage in the future. Also, verify if the air conditioning and make sure that in some tables there isn’t that situation in which the guests feel the “breeze” on their neck.

Do you have to invite some relatives or friends who don’t love each other? Well, make sure you arrange them in a favorable manner at the table. It’s better to make a list and ask someone from the family to lead the others to the tables.

Do you want a wedding with candles and fireworks? Ask the ones engaged with taking care of the salon if it’s possible to apply for such details and what are the costs if you want a more modest type of celebration.

These are not so many questions to pose, but in the same time they seem really useful to us and we’re sure that they’re going to be for you as well.