5 Tips to Customize Your Wedding… The Right Way!

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of your time on Pinterest and wedding blogs. Even before I was engaged, I spent endless hours pinning over to-die-for centerpieces and learning about Momzillas. Now that I’m officially getting married, I’m browsing the Internet like it’s going out of style. But fear not. My phone battery’s sacrifice is your wedding’s benefit!

Using all my searching, saving and planning, – I’m here to distill to you, dear bride or groom-to-be, the essentials of customizing your wedding.

Incorporate The Things You Love

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how quickly those pins pile up on your wedding board. You know the ones, like the perfectly manicured flower wall, the custom-made stir sticks and the Vera Wang wedding dress.

They look so amazing, but do they really reflect you and your style? If they do – that’s great! But what makes a really great wedding are the unique touches that represent you and your partner.

When my cousin got married, she incorporated little elephants into the decorations and centerpieces. Elephants were a symbol of her relationship, but it really gave the venue flavor. Use touches that represent you as a couple and it will be a better party for it!

Get Help From Friends And Family

Get Help From Friends And Family

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So you’re sitting in the dark, with a half consumed bottle of wine, glue, scissors, and ribbon laying in tatters around you. Do you identify with any part of that sentence? I certainly do.

Do-it-Yourself should really be called do-it-with-your-partner-and-your-besties-and-anyone-you-can-bribe-to-help-out. Trying to tackle such a large project like a wedding by yourself is straight up #cray. Enlist a good team who are willing to help make your big day that much better. There is also the added bonus of the meaningfulness those pieces will represent on your big day.

Use The Things That Work For You (Ignore The Stuff That Doesn’t)

© Yevhenii Kukulka

I have seen about a dozen articles that are quick to tell you what you can’t use in your wedding. Which styles are so over, versus what is so hot right now. Forget all of that.

You want to use Mason jars with baby’s breath in them? Do it.

You want to use a wheelbarrow with ice to keep some microbrews cold? You do you.

Planning a wedding is enough work without people throwing their opinions at you. Do what feels good for your wedding, and the rest will fall into place.

Take Your Time

Planning an event of any size can be overwhelming, let alone your special day, so just take some time to create it. If it helps, plan ahead so you can buy things when they go on sale and go to wedding shows to take advantage of vendor specials.

Your wedding is not tomorrow, so take a breath.

Unless it is tomorrow, in which case, you have bigger things to worry about.

Enjoy It

At the end of the day, this is your wedding. Honor every minute of its creation, from the crafting of your DIY invitations to selecting your flowers. The reception is really just the crescendo of your celebration so enjoy the small moments along the way. It will make the whole process more fun, and make your wedding day that much more special. You’ve got this.