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12 Wedding Trends That Are On Their Way Out (& Good Riddance!)

The wedding world is rapidly changing, possibly in more ways than it ever has before. Brides and grooms wants, needs, and what’s important to them have made a giant transformation over the last five years and that’s been reflected in the way in which we go about planning and celebrating our unions. And we’re so excited about it!

Over-the-top, out-of-this-world, wildly expensive and luxurious weddings are absolutely still happening, but we are swooning for the charming, personalized ceremonies that are sweeping the globe. We’re also thrilled that some of the trends that had made such a splash years ago are slowly going out with the tide. Check out these 12 wedding trends that are on their way out as we say, “Good Riddance!”

12 Wedding Trends That Are On Their Way Out 

Shabby Chic Everything

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For years we heard the term “shabby chic” we used for everything in and around the wedding world. Shabby chic gowns, cakes, venues, and every piece of decorative bit that could be found in between the planning layers. But, so long are the vintage antiquities and hello are the new and improved charms of the contemporary world. We’re so over the rough edges and are looking forward to corners that are a bit more posh and polished.

Boutique Wedding Gowns

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Of course there are still stunning gowns in all the boutique stores we know and love. But the days of shelling out thousands of dollars and waiting the better half of a year for your gown to come in are gone. Instead, we have savvier brides on our hands with a penchant for financial stability while still remaining stylish. Brands like BHLDN and Berta are creating quality pieces at a fraction of the cost and for a multitude of body types.

Extra-Large Bridal Parties

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Even though you may thoroughly love them all, everyone is over the extra-large bridal parties. The planners. The venues. The photographers. And yes, the brides and the grooms too. It’s just so much to manage and coordinate while the sense of celebration gets lost in the mix of navigation. Choose just a few close friends and allow everyone else to relax and enjoy!

Princess-Esque Additions

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Princess tiaras, carriages, riding up on a white horse, these are all royal additions to the event that you just simply don’t need. Of course, you may want to feel like a princess that day and you absolutely deserve to but the trends of fitting in these nods of grandeur are long gone. Be yourself! Show off your own style and personalize the event in ways that feel special to you.

Ombre Accents

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The bridesmaids dresses. The cake. The wedding gown. Even the veil. The ceremony arch. The flower arrangements. The tablecloths too. The ombre effect hit the wedding world hard and fast. But, it’s now dying out. A hint of this splash here and there is nice, but planners everywhere are setting the stage for color of all shapes and sizes in the coming months – and maybe even years.

Flower Walls

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Flower walls are becoming a thing of the past as well. It’s not because they aren’t pretty though, it’s only because they’ve been done so much in recent events! We’ve seen them all, in all shapes, sizes, and dipped in all colors too. It’s just time to take our decor and photo-ops on a new journey, shake things up, and try something new.

Neutral Palettes Only

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Although we are personal fans of the stunning, polished neutral palette, we also know that the time has come for colors to take center stage. Lively, vivacious tones are springing up on the inspiration boards everywhere! Refresh your venue, your people, and your wedding with splashes of rich shades. Mix these new palettes with interesting texture for a fuller, more memorable celebration.

Fireworks & Sparklers

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Fireworks and sparklers had their moment but it’s time to put them to bed. Honestly, they’re not worth spending any of your wedding budget on and they’re terrible for the environment. Not to mention, they can be a fire hazard and a safety concern for your guests (especially the kiddos in attendance).

Dessert Bars

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These buffets filled with desserts and various treats have been a trend for such a long time. They’ve almost become a staple or must-have for a lot of newlyweds-to-be because we see them being done so much. Instead, offer tableside bites for your guests to indulge in without all the fuss of a bar filled with grab-and-go sweets.

Any & All Favors

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They just aren’t where brides and grooms should be spending their money. A lot of times guests forget these bits on the tables or chuck them in the trash a few days after the celebration. The better option for this part of the budget is to create welcome bags for out-of-town guests.

Barn Venues

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Get out of the barn! Shabby chic is out and so are the most popular venues to have that style of celebration in. We’re all ready to see different kinds of spaces utilized to create memorable events. Let’s add in some more art and contemporary spirit. Let’s take in different landscapes and organic views. Reclaimed wood pieces and hay bales have had their moment to shine.

Family-Style Meals

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Sit down meals are some of the best ways to go about a relaxed, luxurious wedding event. But, when it comes to family-style meals, things can get a bit tricky. We love the idea for close dinner parties, but this type of serving can really put a kink in the design of the tablescape, the floral arrangements, and make things a bit awkward for guests who don’t know each other.