Go Green for Your March Wedding: Decor Ideas, Flowers, & More

green boho bridesmaid wedding skirts

Spring has sprung and it’s truly the season of growth! And with growth comes all things green. Of course, there’s a bit of a nod to the Irish in there as well. St. Patty’s day, the initial steps of planting your first seeds in this year’s garden, longer days with some extra sunshine, this time of the year brides should be embracing Mother Nature’s presence throughout the planning process.

We’ve rounded up loads of March-appropriate, green wedding day inspiration – from decor to flower to treats too. Let’s have a look at where you can add a bit more of nature’s fav shade in any nook or cranny of the wedding.

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10 Green Wedding Decor Ideas

Whether it’s adding some natural greens to the steps, the tables, or to the walls or adding some sage tones or emerald shades to the ceremony or reception sites, there are a lot of romantic and stylish ways to weave this theme into the wedding.

From lush to edgy, pair your greens with neutral colors or metallics – bronze, gold, rose gold, or glittering silver – for a contemporary spin. Green also works well in terms of texture, so don’t be afraid to mix materials to create a lot of interest on the tabletops or in the backdrops.

Stairwell & Floor Garland Decor

green floor wedding garland


Reception & Sign Garland Decor

green wedding floral garland


Wedding Ceremony Decor

green wedding ceremony decor


Bar Sign & Wall Decor

green bar wedding sign


Reception Cocktail Tabor Decor

green wedding reception decor cocktail tables


Reception Chair Decor

green wedding reception chair decor


Reception Table Setting Decor

emerald green wedding reception table


green velvet wedding reception table


Reception Tablecloth Decor

green wedding tablecloth


Succulent Table Centerpiece Decor

green succulent wedding decor

9 Lush Green Floral Ideas

When it comes to green wedding bouquets, the bigger truly is better. Lush, green arrangements are inspiring and really evoke a bohemian, passionate experience for the entire even to be founded on.

Bouquets and garlands look amazing with a lot of different fillers attached – creating more texture and interest – and pairing with creams and white petals. These designs fit well within romantic or modern spaces with ease. If you’re looking for some color, take a good look at varying shades of blue or richer orange tones for a unique twist.

Green & Blue

green and blue bouquet


Multitextured, Multicolored, & Succulent

green texture wedding bouquet


textural wedding flowers greenvia

green lush flower bouquet


Green & Autumn-Colored Bouquet


Green & White Anemone Bouquet

green and white anemone wedding bouquet


Lush Greenery & Neutral Roses

neutral roses with lush greenery wedding bouquet


Green & White

white textural and green wedding bouquetvia

white and green flower bouquet


8 Green Treats To Serve

Even your dessert or buffet bites can handle a bit of green flair – from savory to sweet. The cake can carry any shade (emerald, sages, mints too) and there’s even some inspiration surrounding a guacamole bar that can pay homage to the green theme of the month but also entice everyone’s taste buds before hitting the dance floor.

Think about utilizing some unique flavors within your sweet bar as well. If you’re focused on green tones, think about arranging some tastes of mints, matcha, fresh cucumber, or pistachio.

Wedding Cake

green wedding cake


Marble Green & White Cookies

marble green and white wedding cookies


Guacamole Buffet


Matcha Green Tea Marshmallows

matcha green tea marshmallows


Baked Green Bean Fries

baked green bean fries


Matcha or Mint Macarons

matcha or mint macarons


Salad Shot Appetizers

salad shot appetizers


Cucumber Signature Cocktail

cucumber signature cocktail


7 Bridal-Worthy Green Style Ideas

Emerald, velvet wedding gowns or tux dipped in the natural tone, you can add this color to the wardrobe of the day and still be on-trend and wedding-worthy. A little color in the ensembles can go a long, long way. Our advice is to not have everyone in green, instead choose the lucky one ahead of time.

Brides can carry the color, but so can the groom. Have your ladies sashay down the aisle in a perfect shade of sage or allow the flower girl to throw her petals while wearing mint. Whatever the case, don’t be afraid of sewing this throughout the day’s style vision as well.

Green Velvet Wedding Dress

dark green wedding dress


Mint Green Wedding Dress

mint green wedding dress


Emerald Green Wedding Tux

green wedding tux


Light Green Asos Wedding Tux

light green asos wedding tux


Boho Bridesmaids Skirts

green boho bridesmaid wedding skirts


Bridesmaid Dress

deep green bridesmaid wedding dress


Light Green Flower Girl Dress

light green flower girl dress


6 Bouts of Extra Earthy Green Wedding Inspo

There are several other spots for you to add a taste of green as well. The invitations can be sent with a hint of the wedding’s color scheme shared. Making fresh greenery center stage for the entire event is always a good idea as well – especially for a March, spring celebration.

We love unique ideas like using succulents as place cards (which double as favors), allow the groomsmen to be decked out with green boots, or tap into a new trend and create a green hanging chandelier that decorates the sweetheart table.

Earthy Green Wedding Invitations


Succulent Table Seating Name Tags

Succulent Seating Name Tags


Greenery Chandelier

wedding green chandelier


Plucked Tux Boutonnieres

green wedding boutonnieres


Natural Outdoor Greenery Reception

natural green outdoor wedding receptionvia

lush green wedding receptionvia