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Q: “How Do I Decide Which Friends to Invite to My Wedding?”

Deciding who to invite to your wedding is a step that should be handled carefully. It is a special day for you. Having close friends around will make the day even more intimate and beautiful.

You will have to spare some time to ensure that everyone who really matters is invited. Sit down with your significant other and make a list of everyone you can think of to invite. Consider the people who have had a big impact on your life.

One thing that you should never forget is that it is your wedding. It is not your parents, friends or families day. Invite who you want. Do not let anyone make you invite someone that you do not want to. Make sure that the venue is filled with people you love and those who love you. They will make the day not only special but also fun.

Think of friends who would appreciate sharing the special day with you, and would be happy for you. Your wedding day should not be the time to make other people happy. Consider your happiness as well as that of your significant other.

It is advisable to invite people who you have kept in touch with. If you constantly communicate with some people and you value them in your life do not hesitate to send them an invite. There are other friends who you may not constantly communicate with but they still make up a big part of your life. The fact that you still consider anyone a friend is a good reason to send him or her an invitation to your wedding. Just because you do not communicate as much as you would like to, does not mean that you are not close friends.

Your list should be limited to personal friends. These are the people who you have shared a lot of good times with. They have always been there for you. Your co-workers do not necessarily count as your personal friends. If you hang out with them away from the office you can invite them but if you do not, you do not have to invite them.

You should exclude some third parties such as children if possible. This will help to decrease the number of people who will show up at the wedding. You can do this by limiting the number of people each invite covers. The venue will in turn not be crowded and you will have people who matter by your side.