Q: What Are Some Tips For Being A Great Best Man?

In addition to helping plan an ah-mazing bachelor party, it is your job to assist with logistics, such as picking up the tuxedos and helping set up the engagement party. It is also highly recommended that you write a funny and heartfelt speech that makes everyone smile and laugh instead of cringe. Don’t sweat it if you aren’t the writer type, simply look for funny and sweet ideas online and have a wordsmith friend help you out. Your speech can include assorted trials and tribulations you went through with the groom before he met the bride–just do not include anything involving beer pong or one-night stands. Mention what the groom loves about the bride and any other positive attributes she has.

It is also your job to keep up with the wedding rings and hand them over during the wedding ceremony. Make sure you put the rings in a safe place, as the last thing you want to do is tell your friend that they were “misplaced.”

As for other best man tips, remember to have a ball and be there for whatever the groom and even the bride needs! Help everyone have a grand time, and you will go down as one heck of a best man. Good luck!