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3 Reasons Brides Need a Wedding Website

Have you been thinking about creating your own wedding website to help plan your wedding, but you’re still on the fence about how it can help? Here are three pretty good reasons every bride should create her own wedding website.

Elemental Direction/Reception Card from Aisle Say! Wedding Papers
Elemental Direction/Reception Card from Aisle Say! Wedding Papers

1)Wedding websites are  a great way to share extra, cutesy information about you and your betrothed. You can add pages about how you met, a timeline of your relationship, photos of yourselves and other personal stuff your guests might not know. Having a wedding website is a way for you to share your love with the world, literally and virtually.

2) You can put information on there that you cannot, or at least should not, put on your invitations. For example, it’s really not cool to add information about where you are registered on or inside your invitations. Those little cards stores give you to include in the invitations can be used for the shower, but not for the wedding. The traditional way to send out registry information is by word-of-mouth (usually your mother’s), but now you can easily put that information on your wedding website (though leave that for an underlying p[age – don’t make it the focus of your website!).  Another example of what is not cool in print, but fine on the web, is the dreaded kids-or-no-kids line. A lot of brides have an FAQ page on their websites for, well, FAQs. If there is some confusion about whether or not little guests are invited, this could be the place to clear the fog.

3) Since many couples have wedding websites, and most guests have internet access, it’s standard for guests to look to the web before calling the bride and groom. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours on the phone answering your guests’ many questions; now you can put all the extra details about your wedding on the website and simply point your guests there. You can add your wedding website address to an invitation enclosure (not printed directly on the invites) such as  directions cards so that your guests will always have it and be able to access it. There are literally hundreds of places for you to get a FREE wedding website; in fact here is a list of top wedding website design services. Some larger invitation vendors even offer free websites with designs that match their invitations. Get out there and start building!

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