10 Must-Have Products on Your Wedding Day

bonnie & Carole

1. Dr. Scholl’s Mole Skin: Probably our favorite item on this list. Your wedding day is not the day to be limping around with blisters from your shoes rubbing in all the wrong places. Pre-remedy this by slapping moleskin on in all the places where there’s potential to rub.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder: A good powder controls shine and minimizes the look of pores — which you’ll need to be photo ready all day long. This is the perfect compact to slip away with to pat your nose.

3. Goody Mini Bobby Pins: We are partial to the mini kind. They hide easier. Match to your hair color.

4. Clear nail polish: Whether you need to smooth over a nicked nail or stop a run in hose, clear nail polish is the star of many hacks.

5. Safety pins: This is the most important outfit you’ll ever wear…but things happen. A button may burst, a piece of fabric might snag, and so on — so be ready! Safety pins are lifesavers.

6. Healthy snack: Okay, this one is really important, so listen up. You need to eat while you’re getting ready. We repeat, you need to eat while you’re getting ready. Things get hectic, so plan ahead and stash a couple protein and fiber-packed bars in your purse. Try KIND bars.

7. Sewing kit: You’ll want mini scissors, thread, needles and buttons to mend any snafus that come up.

8. Hair spray: No explanation needed. Mini Hard Head by Bed Head is a winner for maximum hold.

9. White chalk: Ditch stain remover pens. When it comes to masking a stain on a white gown, chalk is the way to go.

10. Clear Band-Aids: Whether you cut yourself shaving, or accidentally get a paper cut, have some clear band-aids on hand to help you out.