Fashionable weddings

Each one of you wishes for the big day to be special and one of the most memorable moments in his or her lifetime, you have to assure yourself tat you make it special for the guests as well. We’re sure that many of you have the tendency of reading about celebrity weddings and you wish somewhere deep down that your wedding is similar to theirs – it’s too expensive!
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After all, a wedding shouldn’t be a ceremony in which there are worn the most fashionable clothes are accessories or where you see only beautiful people. If you want a fashionable wedding and you don’t know where to start from, there are some of the most in trend details that you have to know about and maybe you’re going to take them into account for the big day.

The natural look….

Remember the old fashioned days in which the bride used to stay with curlers before the wedding in order to obtain that really fancy updo? Well, those moments are gone, due to the fact that the majority of the brides tend to opt for simplicity and comfortable waves. Also, we think that such a bridal hairstyle is going to be easier to wear with a bridal tiara or even a bridal flower worn in one side. It’s not a hard thing to be a romantic bride!

Vintage wedding dresses?

The vintage bridal gowns tend to be more and more popular thorough the last periods. Why spend lots of money on a wedding dress that you know pretty well you’re going to wear only once and just in one day. Start browsing for your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress, wash it, do something to it and in this way you’ll be able to wear it once again.

Also, who knows what sites and stores have gorgeous vintage wedding dresses, which are also cheap and wait for being bought. For some time now and in this particular moment as well, the lace seems to be very popular and the majority of these wedding dresses have a little bit of lace in their fabric. These vintage wedding dresses and really easy to wear with pearls and gloves, details which are going to make your aspect more elegant and romantic….

Last, but not least in our suggestions for the wedding day is the bridal bouquet made of wild flowers…. We don’t see a wedding without flowers. You can jump over the formal bridal bouquet and opt for a natural arrangement, which can be made of wild flowers and make sure that you don’t use any other accessories besides a ribbon. Find a person who can handle flowers easily and renounce to the classical roses.