Some suggestions for your beach wedding ceremony

A beach wedding is a romantic’s dream. The sand, the sea and the sun make form this location a place of serenity and great atmosphere. But, no matter how beautiful the location could be, there is a problem too. Therefore, enjoy reading this article, because here are some things you need to consider when planning such a wedding.
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The main concern, as with any event that takes place outdoors, is the weather. Beaches are open locations, where the wind or the breeze could blow; therefore your worries are even greater than in any other locations. Also, strong winds could bother your wedding attendants, for whose convenience you should take care of. Not to mention that the sun could be quite problematic; which is why your guests should use sunscreen and they should wear sunglasses. Rain is also a possibility, so renting a tent could be considered an option.

beach wedding favorsCredit
Beach wedding favors

Regarding the wind conditions, the ceremony would better be scheduled shortly after noon, when the speed of wind is recorded the lowest, and when the water temperature and the land values ​​are close. Oh, and you should not forget about the tide.

Another matter that should concern you is the sand. To avoid your chairs to sink into the sand, you should rent a floor. Also, the female guests should be advised not to wear some shoes provided with extremely high heels.

Because of the noisy nature of the sea you could have sound problems, so you will have to take precautions. It goes without saying that if the beach does not have toilets, you will have to rent some.

If the ceremony will take place on a public beach, it is important not to be around other people, so the site you have chosen for your wedding should not be very popular. Also you should not overlook beach rules.

Beach wedding favorsCredit
Beach wedding favors

The size of the guest list is one of the most important considerations. For a more comfortable note you would better move the wedding reception to a nearby restaurant, after the wedding ceremony has taken place.

Therefore, keep these short suggestions in mind, in order to have a wonderful and surprise-free beach wedding ceremony!