What not to have at your wedding reception

Everyone tells you what is acceptable to do at a wedding reception. But, maybe you should also know what things must be avoided at these elegant and special events. And, since we really appreciate this technique of “what not to do” we have prepared a list containing the most important elements that must not be at a wedding ceremony.
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First of all, let’s talk about your wedding music, because we believe this is an important aspect, upon which your wedding atmosphere depends. We believe that no one should hire the first wedding band that one listens to, because there are so many talented groups which you could hire for less, and which could be more appropriate for the style of your nuptials.

Also, on should not leave to chance the choice of the wedding menu. Why? Well, food has / is / and will always be important at these ceremonies. Moreover, some describe the weddings they attend according to the food they have eaten.

Therefore, do not disappoint your wedding attendants’ expectations and prepare something tasty for them. So, another thing that you should not have at your wedding reception is bad food, because it will classify your wedding reception as unsuccessful.

When making the list with the guest, you should pay attention at the people you are going to invite, because there are a lot of situations when parties are ruined because of the unruly guests. Besides that, make sure to place at the wedding table people who are friends and who have the same preferences. In other words, it is highly recommended to avoid inviting troublemakers at your elegant reception and to misplace your wedding attendants.

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Wedding reception

Not to mention that it will be a total fiasco if the bride and the groom would get drunk at their wedding reception. If that would happen they would become the troublemakers, we have mentioned above. So, keep this advice in mined, because a wedding without a host is a terrible one.

All in all, take these suggestions into consideration and you will plan a wonderful ceremony. Make sure to behave and to smile and to be happy and vivid, because the atmosphere of your wedding reception is dictated by your mood.