How to use colors in the wedding reception

The wedding reception has to be based on one or more colors in order to create a complete look, but most of you might probably not know where to start from or where to end. It’s indeed a hard task to make up your mind on a particular color combination, but you have to make sure in the same time that you have made the appropriate choice.
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Where to start from?

Well, the answer to this question is easy to answer to. In fact, you can get your inspiration if you are looking all around you. Look only at the bridesmaid dresses or the flowers in your garden or the table wraps. It’s not hard to have a starting point, to continue is what seems hard to us, because you have to make sure that all elements and details are well emphasized and that they cope perfectly together.

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Wedding reception

Now, you have to take into account the number of colors that you can apply for. We were thinking of three or four colors placed together and that’s that. No more than three or four colors, because you are going to end up with a wedding reception that looks kind of messy. So, apply for three or four colors, especially at the level of the wedding flower arrangements and on the tables, when it comes to the table cloth and the plates and other accessories apply for two or three colors.

Of course, there’s always the option in which you’re fond of only one color and you want it to be used in the wedding reception. What do you have to do in this case? Certainly, think of using it as a basis for the wedding flower arrangements and combine it with different shades and accents of it – the final visual effect is stunning and thrilling.

White is a tone that won’t let you down!

Yes, apply for white at the level of the wedding flower arrangements and not only. The great thing about it is that you can combine it perfectly with other shades, no matter how dark or light they are and you remain with an elegant and nice looking wedding reception that has decors denoting good taste and elegance.

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Wedding reception

Continuing with some other pieces of advice, we totally recommend you to apply for various numbers of colors and in this way you end up with a dazzling effect.

Use maximum three or four colors in the wedding reception decor

For instance, there’s the case in which you apply for three tones. In this case, we recommend you to apply for two strong tones and an intermediate one, which will make the other two, pop out.

There’s always the case in which you want to rely only on one tone and this one happens to be bright. For this matter, we recommend the use of a color that is faded and it’s milder than the first one, so that you make the bright and strong one be emphasized more.

The wedding photo album will indicate your color choices all your life, so make sure that the ones that you finally make up your mind on, are the ones that seem suitable and you have dreamed of all your life.

Don’t make your wedding reception look like a holiday festivity

There’s also the case in which you decide to make your wedding reception around a holiday and you leave yourself influenced by the colors used there. Well, for this matter we recommend you to avoid such ideas and colors uses, because in the end you will end up with a wedding reception that is going to look like the living room where your family will eat in order to celebrate that holiday.

No one says that during a winter wedding theme you cannot use red color, but if it’s combined with green, then you totally say Santa Claus and mistletoe. So, what can you do in order to avoid such “hardships”? An idea is to use only red or only green and add some of your personal touches for avoiding the Christmas look!

Adding a texture every here and there ought to make the wedding reception look complete

A great idea for making the wedding reception look more complete is to add textures here and there in the salon or in the space in which your wedding takes place. So, you only have to add some nice shapes through flowers, different objects and details or even through the suits and dresses of the other participants in the wedding.