Total price and places in which you can make your bridal day in the US

No matter if we are speaking about a beach wedding venue, an outdoor wedding venue or about wedding reception venues in general, you have to take into account the basic budget that you are willing to spend on your ceremony and place in which it takes part.
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We browsed for some prices and numbers that are related to places in which you can take your wedding and we would like to share these together with the total costs so that you end up with a final sum.

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Bridal day

So, let’s see some numbers, shall we?

Which are the cheapest states to get married accordingly to the numbers?

Well, in Kentucky you seem to spend the biggest amount of money on the wedding venues and not only! The sum gets around $15,439. The next is Oregon with $15,370, followed by New Mexico with $15,349. We forgot to mention that we are speaking about the states in the United States. Now, let’s get back to the numbers and names, shall we? Alaska is the next cheapest place in which you can take your wedding with a total cost of $14,387, followed by Iowa with $14,221 and Oklahoma with $13,929. Our list of cheapest states in which you can take your wedding ends with the four following names and numbers: Kansas with $13,605, Utah with $11,765, Idaho with $11,556 and Arkansas with $11,028.

There’s the other pole, that in which we share with you the cheapest places in which you can get married in the US and the total price you end up with! So, the most expensive place is New York City with a total price of $46,703, the next one is Long Island with a total of $46,628, followed by North/central New jersey with $41,636, Hudson valley with $39,710 , Rhode Island with $33,370, Philadelphia with $31,348. The last most expensive places in which you can take your wedding in the US and their total price are: Boston with $31,298, Chicago with $30,731, Los Angeles with $30,724 and South New Jersey with a total of $29,573.

No matter in which of these areas you encounter yourself, these are the general prices that you end up with, if you decide to make the wedding there. Of course, New York City was expected to be on the top place when it comes to most expensive places in which one makes the wedding.