Behaving in the wedding day

It’s very hard to be a bride or a groom, because in that they it’s important to be with your eyes placed in all the possible parts of the place in which your wedding takes place…. It’s also essential to keep in mind that all should function in such a manner that you don’t have a problem and have this important day ruined- you really want to keep a special memory concerning the wedding day.

There are some aspects that you don’t have to omit and they’re important to be kept in your mind and these are related to behaving in the wedding day in a particular manner.

behaving in the wedding day

Don’t forget that you need to be a true example for the guests. You and the groom have to be the first ones to pop the ice and accordingly to the way in which you want your wedding to take place you have to behave in a manner or another.
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First of all, you have to pay extreme attention with to your guests, because it definitely has to be sometimes like them, isn’t that right and you have to these in order for them to feel great and to party together a special moment- maybe the most important one….

behaving in the wedding day 2

Pay attention next to who you’re sitting at the table in case you want to arrange some in some time before the event. If you know that there are some people that can stand one and other or who had some conflicts some time ago, you can arrange in such a manner that those people shouldn’t encounter one with other- this means that some of them shouldn’t be invited at the wedding or to stay really far one from the other.

Also, this thing can be applied in your case as well- if you know that there’s someone whom you can stand coming and you really had to invite him or her, stay as far as possible.

After all, it’s your own wedding and you don’t want to endure unpleasant things. If you have in your family a guest with whom you’re not that of a friend with and you have to really invite that person we don’t see any other solution….

behaving in the wedding day 3

You should try inviting those people and be as reserved as possible, because you don’t want your party to be ruined. Pay attention with the booze, generally it’s a really easy thing to exaggerate with drinks, although you don’t intend doing that. You don’t want to offer to the others a show, would you? Try repressing yourself and drinking as much juice as possible.

In what concerns your outfit for the wedding day try choosing an elegant wedding dress and some nice accessories…. Don’t be too extravagant if it isn’t your particular style.

For examples, if in general you’re a simple person, don’t exaggerate with too many accessories, or eventually try wearing some shoes that are extravagant and in which you feel really comfortable.