Perfume for the wedding day

No matter on the amount of information that you receive concerning a type of perfume, the decision seems to be extremely difficult when it comes to choosing the odor that is going to wrap you in the wedding day.

It’s a decision that supposes lots of hard work and understanding the perfume in the same time, but in the same time you can include the refreshing tones when it comes to the chosen theme. For example, a perfume with lily aroma can’t be present in a rock wedding.

perfume for the wedding day

But, it’s true also that eventually it’s not related to the personal taste of the bride and her passion for a certain mixture of aromas. In order to make your work easier we decided to place at your disposal our list of perfumes that we would pick when it comes to the ideal wedding. Pay attention and maybe you’re going to end up with the right choice!
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The first pick: For her by Narciso Rodriguez. The designer has thought of a perfume with intense floral tones which are appropriate for a romantic bride.

The elegance and the unique style by Narciso Rodriguez places a trace on the shape of the bottle of perfume – a true work of art, simple and of a classic tone.

perfume for the wedding day 2

The next suggestion we have to offer to you is Classique Eau D’Ete by Jean Paul Gaultier. This is the summer edition that we were thinking of; it has lots of sweet sour tones of roses, mandarins and Sicily limes. The designer carries us in a world without worries, ideal for the sensation of warmth offered in your wedding day!

perfume for the wedding day 3

L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake…. This perfume is going to offer the odor of a bouquet of summer flowers and the calm of a serene day passed on the seaside of the Mediterranean Sea. Why not be a fan of Miyake and wear the aromas of roses, peonies and fruits?

BLV Eay d’Ete by Bulgari is our next suggestion…. The designers from this particular place have dedicated their summer perfume to a young woman who is looking for the right bride in order to be a company in the warm summer days.

perfume for the wedding day 4

The notes of the Bulgari perfumes are going to surround you like the marine air, bringing mint aromas and Italy limes, but also imperial lilies as well. An appropriate perfume for a bride who sais “yes” in a summer day!

perfume for the wedding day 5

Escale aux Marquises by Dior…. After the gorgeous perfumes delivered by Dior, there’s the next suggestion that they offer with the help of the new perfume Escale aux Marquises. The trip is going to be accompanied by flowers from Tahiti, which seem like symbols of exotic beauty. The Dior bride is accompanied by a tropical one, which is really attractive.