Things to know about wedding ceremony traditions

The wedding ceremony is a tradition itself, so if you are a non conventional person who thinks wedding traditions are outdated, then you should not have a ceremony at all. But why would you want to spoil the beauty and the fun these traditions come with? Let us go through and present some, and then it is only up to you to decide whether to keep the customs that a wedding ceremony often implies.
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Each country has its own wedding ceremony traditions, but some have become so popular that are known and followed accurately worldwide.

The bouquet toss

It is so common nowadays that you may even have a hard time believing this tradition has its roots so deep in the soil of history. Some say it has its origins in the 14thcentury when all the guests who attended the wedding had a strong desire of taking back home with them a small piece of the bride’s luck. To avoid having her dress or adornments torn, the bride would toss her wedding bouquet, action that distracted the guests while she was running away. Well, it is obvious that evolution had its word on this custom, but it is still anxiously expected at every wedding ceremony.

Things to know about wedding ceremony traditions
Things to know about wedding ceremony traditions

The blending of the sand

This wedding tradition represents a beautiful metaphor for the family that the bride and the groom will now form. The custom says that the couple must take sand of different colors and pour it layer after layer during the wedding ceremony. The sand is meant to represent the stages of life the bride and the groom have passed and the blending is a statement of acceptance, maturity and love.

The unity candle

This tradition is rather new but the couples of these days are very receptive to it and find it a sensitive addition to the wedding ceremony. It implies three candles – two taper ones and a large center one. When the ceremony begins the mothers (usually) of the bride and the groom light the taper candles and then, after the exchange of the wedding vows has been made, the couple lights the unity (center) candle. This recently introduced tradition is a beautiful symbol of the fact that a new family has now begun its married life.

It is now time for you to decide whether you would want a tradition that symbolizes your love as a couple or whether your marriage is enough of a symbol for it.