Step by step indications for the wedding reception and not only

The wedding day is among one of the most important events in the lifetime of a woman and we think that no other ceremony can take place with so much joy and happiness. The splendor of the wedding doesn’t depend only on financial details, but by bringing a little bit of style, traditions and ceremony and for this you have use your passion, fantasy and the experience of the wedding vendors.
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Some people apply for a romantic atmosphere, others choose extravagance, and others would rather keep it simple. The list of options is practically unlimited! You don’t have to necessarily choose the extravagances; you can easily opt for a classic ceremony and a party that is stylish and romantic. But before deciding on the style of your bridal day, we have to share some suggestions with you that might turn out to be pretty useful in the end.

So, for picking the bridal gown, the brides from our days can get their inspiration from the past or they can browse from hundreds of years of fashion for picking the manner in which they want to be dressed in the bridal day. Whether or not they want to be modern, romantic, just cure or really sexy!

step by step indications for the wedding reception and not onlyCredit
Wedding reception

The color and style have to be taken into account when it comes to picking the flowers. The bride should be free in picking the bridal bouquet that expresses her unique style and personality. A starting point is your favorite flower: a really familiar one or use a variety of exotic flowers that you have always been wishing of having in your bridal day. Some flowers can be arranged in bouquets of different styles and your favorite flower can offer the theme of your wedding. The use of a color or of multiple colors can offer such a flower theme.

The religious ceremony is the emotional point of every wedding and during this part, there will be vows exchanged and there are made blessings. For each parent, the ritual of giving the bride is the moment in which she realizes that she is going to start a new life and this is something emotional indeed. The entire wedding ceremony can be marked by a unique moment in which pigeons are released and fly towards the sky to show the starting moment of the new family formed.

The wedding reception of your happy event can take place in a historical space that offers you an elegant decor with modern salons and the latest trends include open air weddings where the tents offer you a tone of fantasy and during the night there’s going to be offered a special air to the surroundings with the help of the candles. We know very well that each wedding has to be emphasized truly by the music, so this means picking the right DJ or orchestra – from the first dance and the most romantic moment before the guests leave, we assure you that each musical tone is important.

The presence of a cameraman or a professional photographer can surprise the prettiest moments of the wedding realizing gorgeous segments that will be recalled in years and years from now. But let us not forget that the most important spot in the wedding reception is the sweetest of them all: the wedding cake. The design of the wedding cakes is all about fantasy and architecture in lace made of sugar foam, marzipan flowers, chocolate and cream. We see as being spectacular, the design of wedding cakes, even if these are simple or made with different flower applications that are appropriate with the bridal bouquets.

These suggestions are only some indication points that can prove to be great starting points for such an event and for defining the style of your wedding. We understand perfectly the importance of this event, this is why we offer all the suggestions that you can possibly take into account, from wedding flower arrangements, to decorations, the wedding cake and different ornaments. No matter on what you make up your mind on, be sure that we’re going to offer you all the right indications and that you are not going to encounter too many difficulties when it comes to having the perfect bridal day!

If you don’t know where to start from, then our topics and articles will surely indicate where it’s ideal to start!