Ecological wedding testimonies

It`s a trend now with ecological stuff to be eaten and there are also many other features regarding these ecological products! As it`s fashionable to think of nature, let`s apply these thingies to your wedding as testimonials, wouldn`t you love that? It`s an intriguing idea, isn`t it? Well, on your marks, get set and go….


The first proposal is that regarding those glass made vessel and filled with different vegetables, such as: beans, rice, sunflower and maize seeds! Use these “ingredients” to fill the transparent vases and you`ll certainly create a great palette of colors! The coloristic result will be incredible! Use on the exterior side of the filled object, a classical ribbon and tie it in a bow! Your friends will be pleased and surprised in the same time!
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You can also apply for a hemp sack filled with beans or nice smelling flowers, tied of course with a ribbon; you can also add a colorful flower and a small card on which you leave your guests a small token of your first day as married ones! The hemp sack isn`t a singular idea, you can apply for a transparent lace sack, knotted with nice ribbons, these sacks can be filled with wheat, beans, seeds or rice! If you don`t like the idea of the seeds you can apply for nicely smelling flowers, with pregnant fragrance!

A package full of tea herbs will certainly enchant your invited ones! You can pick the flavor accordingly to your type of personalities! It`s eco and healthy, your guests will be grateful you offered them something like this!

A tea box is also a perfect idea, but it doesn`t means that you can fill it up with tea herbs, you can also apply for marbles or nice smelling flowers! Make sure the box is happily colored and the success is guaranteed!

Bamboo is also a nice variant; you can place a branch in a nice flat vase! Make sure you place a nice ribbon on the vase`s neck and also a nice card with a beautiful memento on it! The guests will certainly be pleasantly surprised!


The suggestions mentioned above won`t enchant many people, but as long as it`s an eco trend why shouldn`t you give your wedding an eco touch? It won`t be hard at all! Using your imagination, probably these products won`t be as expensive as the eco food is and you`ll also save some money! If the guests aren`t for the eco stuff, putting such testimonies on the tables will certainly make them smile, it`s a method to make the atmosphere happy and prepare everybody for the party!

As long as you`re a courageous person, applying for such testimonials will certainly be a piece of cake and if you see it in that way, your guests will see it better than you, be sure of that!